Direct Access

Since July 2004 it has been possible for barristers to be instructed directly by businesses and members of the public directly without having to use a solicitor under the Direct/Public Access Scheme. The scheme applies not just to litigation but to non-contentious matters.

Christopher has undertaken the “public access” training and is able to accept instructions under both the public access scheme and the licensed access scheme (which is available to members of authorised organisations such as surveyors or accountants) and he is qualified to advise or draft but not to conduct litigation. Each case will require to be looked at individually to determine whether it is appropriate to act under the scheme.

The Bar Council has prepared information to help under the two schemes under which barristers can be instructed directly which can be found at the following links.

Information prepared by the Bar Council with regard to the public access scheme can be found at:

A guide relating to the licenced access scheme is to be found at:


If you need legal advice on a property issue and want to know whether the Direct Public Access scheme is appropriate for your case, then please contact me:

My Clerks for direct access enquiries.